Religious freedom is a key American and Michigan value, that's not up for debate -- but a so-called "religious freedom restoration act," or RFRA, law could have serious unintended consequences.

Pledge to End Discrimination

Stand with the majority of Michiganders who know that the "license to discriminate" RFRA is bad for business, bad for families and bad for Michigan.

RFRA Means Real Harm
for Michiganders

Tell your lawmakers:
No RFRA in Michigan!



Read the story of real Michiganders who would be harmed by RFRA

In Michigan, we treat others as we would like to be treated -- with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, some Michiganders, including those who are gay or transgender, have suffered from discrimination.

Todd Christensen of Kalamazoo, MI As an Army veteran and a retired police officer, Todd has taken oaths to protect and uphold the laws and constitutions of both the United States and Michigan, an oath he takes very seriously. He has dedicated his life to service and protecting public safety-and he strongly opposes RFRA.

Roland Leggett of Detroit, MI Detroit resident Roland Leggett has spent most of his life in the state of Michigan, but he's growing increasingly concerned with a new bill making its way through the state legislature-the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)-because of the huge unintended consequences that this bill could have on our communities and state economy.
Tamya McGee of Detroit, MI Tamya McGee is determined to advocate on behalf of children who are in need of loving and caring homes. That's why she has grown increasingly alarmed with a new piece of legislation, an adoption-specific RFRA bill, over concerns that this bill could be used by foster agencies to use their religion as an excuse to deny prospective parents the ability to provide homes to children in need-purely on the basis of the parents' sexual orientation or gender identity.
Jami & Krista Contreras of Oak Park, MI If these RFRA-like laws pass we're scared of what's ahead for our family. This time it was a pediatrician refusing to care for our six-day-old. But, where does it end? Our daughter deserves access to the same resources as every other child in Michigan. This time, she was 6 days old, I just pray that next time she's not six years old and asking us why she's being treated differently because of what our family looks like.


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